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Focus On Youth Program

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Please check back for more updates

Selection for Summer 2022 Focus on Youth is not available yet.

Focus on Youth is a partnership between the Ontario Government, school boards and local community agencies, which provides summer programming for students in identified high needs urban neighbourhoods.

Highlights of the Focus on Youth Program

  • Assists non-profit, insured groups to deliver summer activities to help keep young people safe and active.
  • School space will be offered free of charge to community groups who successfully complete the application process.
  • Approximately 60 students will be hired to participate in a Board-delivered leadership program with the goal of assisting at one of the board sites of the community service camps.
  • 25 students will be hired to perform custodial/maintenance work in the schools for the same period of time.

Available school sites will be determined in discussion with the Focus on Youth Committee and Continuing & Community Education.

High school students seeking employment do not apply to the Ottawa Catholic School Board directly but rather inquire at their school through their Guidance Counsellors or Principals. Detailed information will be sent to the school in the identified neighbourhoods. 

Principals and Counsellors with input from the School Success Teams and other staff will be requested to recommend students who would benefit from this summer employment and leadership opportunity.