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ESL Fees

Newcomers to Canada are eligible for language training at no cost. Eligibility must be verified when registering for a class.

ESL FEES (due at registration)

All learners pay material fees:
  $25 Part-time (15 hours/week) material fee per year 
  $30 Full-time (30 hours/week) material fee per year
  $10 Night classes
  $5 Saturday classes
All newcomers who are Quebec residents will be charged a tuition fee to attend LINC or ESL classes
Visitor/Diplomat Fees/International Students Fees:    
  Non-refundable fee of $75 for registration
  • Material fee (see above)
  • Tuition:

Day Classes:
$4,000 per year for 15 hours a week ($400 monthly instalment) or
$8,000 per year for 30 hours a week ($800 monthly instalment)

Night Classes:
$1,500 per year for 2 nights ($150 monthly instalment) or
$3,000 per year for 4 nights ($300 monthly instalment)

Saturday Classes:
$800 per year ($80 monthly instalment)

Types of Payment
  • Cash
  • Money order
  • Credit Card (coming soon)

Cancellation Fee


In case of cancellation students are charged either 15% of tuition paid or $50, whichever amount is less.